Domestic Merchant Processing

Whether your business is Internet, MOTO, Brick and Mortar Retail or Multichannel, we can recommend and get you approved with an acquiring bank that fits your needs. When your merchant account is managed by a solutions provider in your country of residence you can rest easy knowing the lender is knowledgeable about the business codes and laws under which your company operates.

International Merchant Processing

Our partner banks support the most comprehensive list of payment methods and currencies available throughout the world. From incorporation help to currency conversion we can get your international merchant account approved and processing in weeks, not months.

Visa and MasterCard aren't nearly as ubiquitous in the global marketplace as they are in the U.S. Offer your customers more options with local direct debit and bank transfers in addition to Switch/Solo, Giropay and Maestro.

Offering local credit and debit options increases your reach to millions of consumers who will otherwise have to shop elsewhere.

Fraud Prevention and Identity Verification

Card fraud costs the consumer in excess of $10 billion every year. Our fraud detection services maximize safe transactions while minimizing clients' exposure to fraud. We offer professional expertise and customized technology to eliminate fraud, increase the number of transactions safely accepted, and reduce your internal costs.

Card-not-present (CNP) transactions via mail order, telephone order or on-line present greater fraud risks, as e-commerce retailers are having difficulty in checking cardholder legitimacy.
Our partners incorporate all industry-led authentication measures for improved online security.

Currency Conversion and Hedging

In the modern business world, increased competition often saturates markets, causing sales plateaus for even the most aggressive of companies. Fortunately, by providing local currencies and payment methods you can expand your range by servicing customers all over the world.

1. Information provides a rate feed via XML webservices from the server which is used by the merchant to convert prices into the customer's currency.

2. International payments enables the customer to use their domestic payment method to purchase the product.

3. Transactional enables the customer to purchase the product at the quoted price in their own currency and enables the merchant to be paid in a different currency with lower transaction costs than for domestic transactions.

Payment Gateway and Software Services

The Internet is a 24/7 global marketplace with increasing opportunities and challenges that emerge daily. An online enterprise can conduct business with anyone, anywhere in the world, and optimizing those opportunities means the difference between sinking in a saturated market and being the first to open a new region for your product or service.

Mobile Commerce

Shop to Phone provides a platform that enables businesses and any other web publisher to create their mobile store and manage it with no programming knowledge or m-site building experience.

Mobile sellers get analytics about viewers, and keep track of which orders have been paid for, shipped and delivered. They can also use tools to promote their mobile store.

Card Issuing

For issuers and program managers launching or managing electronic prepaid or reloadable cards both in open-loop and close-loop configurations, we offers ultra-secure, compliant, reliable and scalable transaction processing anywhere around the globe with our technology.